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About the Role

Creating and posting engaging content, such as articles, videos, podcasts, and infographics, both in German and English.
Developing content and design for product materials such as presentations, brochures, gifts, etc. Interviewing industry leaders, experts, or other individuals with relevant knowledge about a particular topic to gather information for blog posts or articles.
Conducting market research to identify trends and opportunities for growth in specific industries or topics.
Improving our online presence by managing social media channels, and company website.


  • You are a people person and you love talking to others about new technologies and the way they make our lives easier.

  • You are a digital native, navigating smoothly through different social networks and their codes. You understand the specific kind of content each channel demand and it’s easy for you to connect with others there.

  • You have an eye for design and very good taste.

  • You make the best out of digital tools to produce different kinds of content: from short videos to slides, from blog posts to some informative articles.

  • You like to get your hands into making things happen - building up quick prototypes and mockups of your layouts is no problem, since you know testing and iterating is the way for improvement.

  • You can lead the execution of projects with external suppliers, such as printed materials, promo videos, influencer campaigns, among others.

  • You communicate with different hierarchy levels both in German and English.

Benefits & Compensation:

  • Active role in shaping the simulation industry of mobility;

  • Flat hierarchy with a cooperative culture;

  • Autonomy to perform your best;

  • Newest technology and gadgets;

  • On the basis of full-time employment, the minimum wage for the position is EUR 38.000 gross per year with a willingness to overpayment depending on specific qualifications

About the Company

NXRT is a fast-growing Viennese company developing Mixed Reality simulations for training, retail, and engineering. From a virtual test drive of the latest car model to a train shunting operation training session, our simulations mix software and hardware to reach really immersive simulations in risk-free environments. As a company, we also shape the debate in the collaboration of vehicle development and autonomous driving by providing tools and products that help to get technology on the ground.

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